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Bonus Buy Games


Bitcoin Buy Bonus Slots

Bonus rounds and special slot features are no longer left to chance. Players can now buy access to bonus features with both real money and cryptocurrency across a large selection of slots from the biggest casino game providers around. Dive straight into the excitement of the best features available with bonus buy slots today. From free spins to win multipliers and more. There is no longer any need to spin round after round, hoping to gain access to all the latest and greatest features slot games offer and also additional entertainments like Bitcoin roulette games and others.

Buying access to slot bonus features gives players the potential to win big on the next spin. Get the most out of your online gameplay by keeping yourself informed. Learn all about bonus buy slots right here at

Play Bonus Buy Slots Online at

Most online slots, including Bitcoin slot games, offer special bonus mechanics that enhance the gameplay while also allowing players the potential to win big. These bonus mechanics typically happen at random after triggering a certain combination of symbols or by filling up a specific bonus meter. This is not the case with bonus buy slots.

Players can instead choose to purchase entry into the special deposit bonus features with the press of a button. Bonus rounds come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the slot in question. Some bonus buy slots will even have multiple buy options. Opting in for bonus buy slots will require a minimum bet amount but also tend to come with higher win multipliers the more you wager.

Bonus buy slots can be played just like any other slot game. Bonus rounds can still be unlocked in the traditional fashion of hitting certain symbol combinations, for example. The bonus buy feature is simply an addition that is given as an option between any game rounds.

This option is also available in demo mode, allowing players to test out all the features available without having to risk any real money. Players can, therefore, choose when and where they want to drop some extra funds for a guaranteed bonus round.

Evolution and Popularity of Bonus Buy Games

Online slot games have been in a constant state of evolution since the beginning. Innovations are continuously being made in graphics, audio, and game mechanics. Bonus buy slots have been providing bonus round mechanics for a long time, with different developers always looking for new and interesting ways to make their special features unique.

Accessing bonus features has always been enticing to players, as it provides the opportunity for thrilling gameplay and massive payouts. This popularity has driven innovation and is what eventually led to the bonus buy feature being delivered to players.

Allowing players to decide when they want to trigger a bonus round is a relatively new feature and has so far been hugely popular. There is a large group of players who do not want to wait to hit a bonus round and would be happier just paying the price of entry. Giving players that freedom of choice gives the bonus buy slots a wider appeal, allowing them to be more fun for everyone. Not everyone sees it this way.

Some jurisdictions see the buy-in feature as too enticing, especially when combined with the need for increased bet amounts. Despite this, the feature remains available in almost all jurisdictions where online gambling is legal.

Understanding the Bonus Buy Feature

The Bonus Buy feature is a popular mechanic in many online bonus buy slots and occasionally buy bonus casino games. It allows players to directly purchase access to a game's bonus rounds without having to wait for them to be triggered through traditional gameplay. Here's a breakdown of how the Bonus Buy feature works and how it contrasts with the traditional method of triggering bonus rounds:

Bonus Buy Feature Mechanics:

  • Purchase Option: Accessed through the game interface, the Bonus Buy feature allows players to pay extra for immediate entry into the bonus round.
  • Cost Variability: The cost of the bonus round can either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the total bet, and it varies between games depending on factors like game volatility.
  • Immediate Access: Upon purchase, players are instantly transported to the special bonus game mode, bypassing the regular base game spins.
  • Bonus Round Gameplay: The bonus round typically offers exciting enhancements like free spins, multipliers, and unique mechanics that boost the potential for significant payouts compared to the base game.

Contrast with the Traditional Method:

  • Traditional Triggering: In the traditional method, particular base game events or combinations—which vary between games—trigger bonus rounds.
  • Randomness and Patience: Traditional triggering relies on luck and patience, with no guaranteed timeframe to access the bonus.
  • **Risk and Reward: **The Bonus Buy feature offers a direct and immediate way to access bonuses, but at an extra cost—a trade-off between risk and reward.
  • Game Experience: Traditional triggering builds excitement as players await the right combination, while the Bonus Buy feature provides a controlled, instant experience.
  • Potential Outcomes: Both methods can yield similar bonus round outcomes, but the Bonus Buy feature offers more consistent access to the game's top features and rewards.

The Bonus Buy feature lets players skip the uncertainty of traditional bonus triggers by paying extra. It offers a controlled way to access bonuses for a different gaming experience with potentially more frequent rewards, but it requires an additional wager that should factor into a player's gambling strategy.

The Mechanics of Bonus Buy

Bonus buy slots work in the same way as regular free slots. A bonus buy is an additional mechanic that is offered as an option and is therefore not mandatory. This option can be applied between every spin and comes at the cost of a higher stake requirement. The price of buying the bonus round varies, and the initial wager amount can be directly tied to the win multipliers applied in many cases.

The price of accessing bonus buy rounds can range from 5x up to 2,000x the minimum bet. This naturally requires a higher bankroll to play with as the minimum required bet increases. 2,000x is an incredibly large amount, but generally speaking, the higher the wager, the more benefits and win multipliers will be attached to the round. One benefit, for example, is removing all low-paying symbols from the round, thereby increasing the potential for bigger wins, while another example is increasing the return to player percentage. Some game providers, such as NoLimit City, provide players with a selection of different benefits.

It is also important to remember that there is always a demo mode to allow players to try out all of the mechanics for free. Accessing demo mode can be done before entering the game, and it functions in the same way as the base game. Give it a try right here at

The First Bonus Buy Slot

Buy bonus slots first became available to players in 2017 with the introduction of the White Rabbit slot game developed by Big Time Gaming (BTG). Its addition of the Feature Drop™ mechanic was an innovation that set it apart from the crowd. It wasn't long before the industry took notice, and now there are countless slots buy bonus options available. Despite this, White Rabbit remains unique with its hallmark tokens. These can be accumulated via gameplay and then used to provide a discount on your next bonus buy-in. Save enough, and the tokens will allow you free entry into the bonus feature.

Bonus buy slots have only increased in popularity as more and more game providers hop on the bandwagon. This has also meant that bonus buy slots work in a multitude of ways now as game providers develop ways to reach new thrills and features.

The Variety of Bonus Buy Slots

The most common types of bonuses found when buying entries are increased win multipliers and free spin rounds. Each slot may have some specific mechanics tied to the actual bonus round, such as additional symbol drops or sticky Wilds. The win multipliers can also range wildly, depending on the slot and the initial stake. The Deadwood slot allows players to buy into the round at a stake of 71x.

Alternatively, a stake of 750x will convert low-paying symbols into higher-paying ones. When it comes to free spins, the Machine Megaways slot allows players to buy spins at a rate of 18 free rounds for a stake of 337 times. These are just a couple of examples, and different game providers will vary in their rates of cost and the amount given.

Some bonus buy slots allow for additional risk and reward mechanics while in the actual bonus round. Extra Chilli allows players to purchase spins just like Machine Megaways. The main difference is that players can continue to gamble for the potential of getting additional free spins up to a total of 24.

Another original approach to the mechanic is the token system that BTG developed. Allowing players to essentially accumulate reward points through regular gameplay. These tokens can be used to pay for entry into the bonus round, either partially or fully, depending on the amount accrued.

Here at, players can choose from a large selection of bonus buy slots with the bonus buy feature available. The biggest challenge is finding the right one for you. Below, we have listed some of our favorites to give you a taste of what is available.

Dead or Alive 2

Originally released without a buy-in feature, NetEnt's hugely popular Dead or Alive 2 has since gone through some updates. Played on a 5x3 format with 9 paylines and an RTP of 96.80%, this Western-themed high volatility slot has been hugely popular with players. There are 3 different free spin bonus rounds available; Old Saloon and High Noon Saloon bonus rounds provide players with 12 free spins with a 2x win multiplier.

Sticky Wilds are triggered in Old Saloon rounds, while High Noon Saloon rounds trigger wild multipliers. The Train Heist round is the most enticing, though, as it provides players with 14 free spins with a 2x win multiplier and wild multipliers. To buy into the features, there needs to be a minimum stake of 66x.

Fire in the Hole xBomb

This NoLimit City slot offers 486 ways to win across 6x3 reels. Join a dwarven mining expedition for huge prizes of up to 60,000x. Just like dynamite, this is a high volatility slot with a variable RTP that goes up to 96.06%. The bonus round is a unique take on free spins where a conveyor belt above the game space drops down exciting prizes such as win multipliers and further free rounds. Accessing the round can be done with a stake ranging from 60x to 500x.

Punk Rocker

Another NoLimit City slot that instead features a British punk theme. It is played on a 5x3 layout with a variable RTP of 96.11% to 96.64% and 243 ways to win. The bonus buy option offers a choice of Anarchy or Civil War Free Spins. Both options provide the player with 8 free spins, with the difference being the number of Jumping Wilds triggered. Anarchy provides three Jumping Wilds, while the Civil War provides four. These features have a price of 80x up to 243x the minimum stake amount.


This NoLimit City slot offers a Western theme similar to Dead or Alive 2 but is instead played in a 4x3 format. This high volatility slot allows for 576 ways to win with an RTP of 96.03%. The bonus buy option ranges in price from 71x up to a massive 750x. This provides access to free spin rounds, with the higher buy-in providing a slightly higher RTP and additional conditions to potentially win big.

The Dog House

The Dog House by Pragmatic Play is played on a 5x4 format with 20 paylines. It is a high-volatility slot with a max win of 6,750x. The slot provides another interesting twist on free spins by adding in Wilds with 2x and 3x win multipliers. Players can trigger between 9 and 27 free spins. By placing 100 times the minimum bet, one can access the free spin rounds.

Winning Tactics and Strategies for Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus buy slots have gained popularity among casino and Bitcoin live casino players for their promise of instant action and significant winnings. However, achieving success with this feature requires a combination of strategy, discipline, and risk awareness. Here are tactics and approaches that players can employ to enhance their chances of winning when using the Bonus Buy feature:

Effective Bankroll Management

To maximize your winning potential, it's crucial to manage your bankroll effectively. This involves setting a strict budget, allocating your funds wisely, and understanding the costs associated with Bonus Buys.

Choosing Games Wisely

Selecting the right game can significantly impact your success with bonus buy slots. Researching the Return to Player (RTP) percentages and considering the game's volatility, like in Bitcoin jackpot games, can help you make informed choices.

Timing Is Key

The timing of your Bonus Buy can make a difference. Waiting for opportune moments, such as after a series of non-winning spins or when you have a good feeling about a game, can improve your chances of success.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigating risks is essential to long-term success. Setting win and loss limits can help you stay in control of your bankroll, while responsible gambling tools provided by online casinos can offer additional support.

Practice Patience and Discipline

What can be learned from Bitcoin table games like online Bitcoin blackjack is that emotional decisions and impulsive actions can lead to losses. Staying patient, rational, and continuously learning from your experiences will contribute to a more successful Bonus Buy strategy.

Top Developers of Bonus Buy Slot Games

Here are some of the top game developers known for their buy bonus slot games, along with notable titles and their unique features:

Nolimit City

  • Notable Bonus Buy Slot Game: "San Quentin xWays"
  • Unique Features: Nolimit City is known for its high volatility and innovative gameplay. "San Quentin xWays" allows players to buy the bonus round and features the xWays mechanic, which can lead to massive wins with expanding symbols.

Pragmatic Play

  • Notable Bonus Buy Slot Game: "The Dog House Megaways"
  • Unique Features: Pragmatic Play has introduced the Megaways mechanic into some of their popular titles. "The Dog House Megaways" is an enhanced version of their original game with a Bonus Buy feature that lets players purchase the free spins round.


  • Notable Bonus Buy Slot Game: "Dead or Alive 2"
  • Unique Features: NetEnt is renowned for its high-quality graphics and innovative features. "Dead or Alive 2" offers an intense Western theme and a Bonus Buy feature, allowing players to enter the game's lucrative free spins round more easily.

Game developers continue to refine and expand the Bonus Buy concept, offering players the option to purchase various bonus features, such as free spins, multipliers, or enhanced gameplay experiences. Moreover, developers are experimenting with new game mechanics and combining them with Bonus Buy features to create more engaging and unique gaming experiences.

Bonus Buy Slots and RTP Considerations

Bonus buy slots can either have a fixed or variable return to player percentage. Most are fixed, but some of those that allow buying access to the bonus features will try to be more enticing with a slightly higher RTP. Punk Rocker, for instance, varies its RTP from 96.11% to 96.64% depending on what is staked when accessing the trigger free spins and rounds with extra money. This represents a change in RTP of 0.53%, while Deadwood allows for an increase of 0.10% in RTP.

A change of less than 1% RTP won't necessarily be the difference between losing and winning big, but it represents an additional benefit to the player. The RTP increase is simply another treat to make buying into the features more enticing and can easily come in conjunction with other benefits, such as higher win multipliers.

The Future of Bonus Buy Slots

Right now, players can look forward to further innovations when it comes to bonus buy slots. Game providers are always looking for new ways to set themselves apart from the competition. Casinos are also happy with this competition, as it allows them to provide players with a larger selection of innovative games. This results in more options for players, allowing them to access a huge selection of games. The popularity of the buy-in options means there will be a natural interest in creating more games featuring them. This is a relatively new trend, so there is still a lot of speculation about how far it can go. It wouldn't be surprising to our team at to see older games like Fruit Party or Money Train retrofitted with a buy-in mechanic, as well as new releases coming up with new and interesting ways to incorporate it.

Playing Bonus Buy Slots for Free and Real Money

The vast majority of online bonus buy slots can be enjoyed without using any real money. Free-play or demo mode keeps all the features of the game intact and replaces the real money balance with fake currency. This allows players to try out features of the game, including accessing the bonus rounds. The buy-in option is still available, and parameters such as paylines, hit frequency, and RTP remain the same. However, the only way to win real money is by playing with real money. Both demo mode and real money gameplay are available right here at

How to Manage Finances for Online Bonus Buy Slot Play

Properly managing finances is the first step to being able to enjoy online casino games, including Bonus buy slots. Picking the right payment option is the first step to playing with real money. This comes down to what is available at the casinos as well as personal preference. The most common methods are payment cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency transfers. It should be noted that some players find that not all deposit bonuses and promotions will be available to take advantage of with certain payment methods.

When it comes to withdrawals, players of bonus buy slots will often be asked to transfer the funds back to the source they originally came from. So, if a deposit is made with a specific e-wallet, it should then be transferred back to the same account when withdrawing. E-wallets and payment cards tend to be fast, often with instant deposits, but bank transfers can sometimes take a few days to complete. Withdrawals for bonus buy slots will generally have a processing time that varies from casino to casino.

Reputable online casinos will have a variety of tools to ensure players are playing within their means. Safer gambling tools such as deposit and spend limits allow easy management of funds by ensuring the player doesn't deposit or spend (deposit minus withdrawals) above a certain amount over a given period. This enables the player to remain in control and gamble within their means.


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