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Online Crypto Blackjack Games

At, you have the chance to explore lots of catchy crypto blackjack games. If you're curious about this online bitcoin game, we'll explain it briefly. Crypto blackjack is considered the most profitable casino game, requiring an adequate combination of skill and luck in order to win big. The crypto blackjack game offers a low house edge of less than 1%, making it a profitable choice. When playing crypto blackjack, the player places bets against the dealer. The competition aims to reach the score of 21 without exceeding it while still beating the dealer's score.

Blackjack is commonly known as "21" because players aim to get a hand with a value of 21 or as close to it as possible without going over. If a player exceeds 21, they automatically lose the game. Each player makes a wager at the start of each hand, except for Insurance or Split. Initially, two cards are handed to each player, but the roller can request additional cards or stop anytime. However, many unknowns exist about this bitcoin game, so stay tuned with us.

What Is the Story Behind the Crypto Blackjack Game?

Well, gaming buddies, blackjack has been around for more than 300 years, and over time, it has become one of the most popular crypto games of chance. Hence, it's admirable and quite impressive that it's the favorite game of many personalities and has even been the subject of several movies. Several argue that the blackjack game originated in Spain casinos in approximately 1700. This is because Cervantes mentioned this game in Don Quixote, a book that was published in the late 1605. Nevertheless, during the 18th century in Europe, the game that we now call the 21-point game, or blackjack, transitioned into existence. It has remained relatively unchanged since then, with the same rules applying regardless of whether you play in a physical casino, online, or with a live dealer. As you gain a deeper understanding of the roots of this contemporary crypto casino game, tell us, how confident are you that you know all the rules of blackjack? Are you familiar with its gameplay and hidden guidelines? Whether you're unsure, whether you have the best shot at winning, or just need a few friendly directives to become a better player, here's what you need to know.

Online Crypto Blackjack Rules for Players

If you wish to play crypto blackjack, you must place your money or tokens in the circle before the game begins. When playing online, you can play up to 7 hands simultaneously. Once the bets have been placed, the dealer will deal two cards to each gambler, including themselves, at the blackjack table. The players' cards are placed face up on the table, while one of the dealer's cards is always placed face down. If the dealer has an ace, you can hedge your bet, and if the dealer has blackjack, you need to pay half the bet.

However, if the dealer does have BTC blackjack, you'll get your stake back but lose your insurance. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the game continues, and you have the following options:


If your total is 17 or higher but less than 21, you can pass.


This means you are asking for an additional card. You usually do this when the number of points in your hand is low, for example, a 5 and a 4 for a total of 9. You are safe even if you get a 10, so ask for an extra card. You can do this until you pass or are over 21.


You can double your bet if you have a strong hand and need only one more card in order to win. This option is only available for the first two cards and occasionally after splitting.


When you have two cards of the same value, you can split them into two hands. You must place an additional bet that matches your original wager to do this. For example, if you initially bet €10, you must put an additional €10 on the new hand. You can then play each hand individually, with the option to hit, stand, split, or double. Occasionally, you may be able to break your cards two or three times, and you can also double your bet after splitting.


If the dealer's first card is an ace, you can choose to take out the insurance. Just as with the division rule, you must place an extra bet on the insurance line worth half of your original bet to do this. If the dealer has blackjack, you will receive a payout of 2 times your insurance stake, which will help you cover the loss of your initial wager. However, you will lose your insurance bet if the dealer does not have blackjack.


Some casinos may allow you to return your first two cards for half the bet if you are unhappy with them, but this option is only available in some gambling houses. To be eligible for this, the dealer must have a possible blackjack. Once you have completed your hands, the dealer will play their hand. The casino rules bind the dealer, and they cannot make any decisions independently. As part of the game, the dealer must draw cards until they have at least 17, which are generally disclosed on the table.

Basic Crypto Blackjack Strategies

In order to improve your crypto blackjack skills, you need to master the basic strategy. And now that you have some knowledge of crypto blackjack, the next step is to learn some flawless game strategies. Nevertheless, don't be fooled by the name - it's not about being perfect, but rather adding to the basic rules for double down, split, insurance, and managing your money. Following this approach can boost your performance in the game.

Surrender Strategy

Surrendering in a game of cards can sometimes be the best strategy. By surrendering, you only lose half your bet instead of the whole amount. There are two types of surrender bets: early and late. If you have the chance to choose, always go for the early surrender.

The Doubling Down Strategy

Double down in blackjack allows you to double your initial bet after getting two cards from the dealer. You only get one more card after doubling down. Some casinos have restrictions on which cards you can double down on. Face-up strategy depends on your cards and the dealer's face-up.

Insurance Strategy and Equal Money

Players in blackjack can make edge bets like insurance or even money for protection. Even money pays out 1:1, while insurance pays out 2:1. However, these bets increase the house odds by up to 7.47%. Professionals advise avoiding them unless you can count cards accurately. It is always best to determine the outcome of these bets before folding, doubling down, or even splitting.

How to choose the perfect online crypto blackjack game?

Online gambling has experienced explosive growth in recent years, offering more diversity than ever. The era of traveling to distant casinos to play your favorite games is long gone. As a result of technological advancements, you can now enjoy these games from the comfort of your home or even your mobile device. You can access dozens of casino game manufacturers offering slots and blackjack casino games with real dealers in just a few clicks.

Platipus Gaming, Betsoft, and Evolution are three giants that make the best crypto 21 card games, and the good part is that they can be found right at In order to choose the perfect online crypto blackjack game for you, it is important to know that our trustworthy crypto casino has a wide range of options to choose from. You can choose between a simple online blackjack game, its mobile version, or the live one. When you get to this point, the most important thing is to play responsibly. Set your budget ahead of time and ensure you have a dedicated entertainment fund, separate from all necessities, a fund you can afford to lose without negative consequences. Remember, you won't always win, and that's okay. And, of course, you have to enjoy it and know when to stop.

When playing crypto blackjack on our platform, you can select between classic table blackjack and live casino blackjack. We highly recommend playing the live casino version for an authentic, interactive experience with the dealer and high RTPs without leaving the comfortable surroundings of your residence.

What Crypto Blackjack Games Can You Play at is a Bitcoin casino with an extensive list of card games for players to try. All of the Bitcoin and Ethereum casino games offered by our mobile Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos are RNG-based, ensuring a fair and secure outcome for all players. Our crypto gambling site offers multiple online blackjack variants such as American, European, and classic. Let's take a more in-depth look at the blackjack offering:

21 Burn Blackjack

As part of its Internet casino software offering, Nucleus offers the christened 21 Burn Blackjack. In this game, players can exchange their second card for a randomly selected one, similar to traditional blackjack. To do so, they must place a Burn wager equal to half the original bet.

Super 7 Blackjack

With Nucleus’ Super 7 Blackjack, you can play up to three hands against the dealer, using decks of cards, in a multihand game. You have a blackjack if your first two cards add up to 21. Each hand is independent of the others and only plays against the dealer. You must get a total of 21 points to win.

Blackjack VIP 10

In Blackjack VIP 10, the goal remains essentially the same, namely: to score more cards than the dealer without exceeding the total number of cards. The dealer must stand for all hands with a total count of 17 or higher, while those with 16 or lower must be drawn.

Blackjack Classic 61

The baptized Blackjack Classic 61 has the same intention as the other crypto game: to have a higher card count than the dealer without exceeding 21. Don't hesitate any longer, give it a try and see what it's all about!

Online Blackjack

Online crypto blackjack follows pretty much the same rules as traditional French blackjack. However, because these virtual games are shuffled automatically, it is not possible to use only card-counting strategies. Therefore, some tables offer alternatives to classic rules, so players should review the Terms and Conditions before getting started. For those of you who want to experience life as Spanish gentlemen once did, you can try out our collection of cryptocurrency blackjack games. Get familiar with the options before playing blackjack for real money by playing a round at our licensed online casino without downloading or depositing funds.

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