Welcome to the undiscovered world of majestic creatures in the Megaways Wild.io world. Megaways' innovative mechanics allow you to step into a beautiful, untamed world brought to life through game concepts and mechanics new to the genre.

This new version is designed to revolutionize the game! Taking advantage of substantial rewards and mastering wild animals in nature can be deeply connected. The game was launched on August 24th, 2023, bringing the gentle spirit of the wild to all screens. Stay tuned with us to discover more about this popular crypto game!

Theme & symbols

Our team invites you to embark on adventure and treasure hunting in a jungle filled with unknown creatures that will leave you with unforgettable memories. The game's central theme revolves around the majestic world of the animal kingdom. The Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways offers a unique experience, a gaming experience that has never been witnessed before, and the chance to win big.

During this game, you will discover the secrets of the wild and find yourself amid beautiful natural landscapes accompanied by stunning animals depicting the spirit of the wild. Every spin in this popular Bitcoin game reveals nature's most impressive creatures in an intriguing tapestry. An essential and exciting aspect of the game is that in addition to the conventional reels, an additional horizontal rotation above introduces several ways to gain victory, increasing the excitement and your chances of winning.

Its intricate design and dynamic gameplay features ensure that every moment represents a journey of discovery. The designers wanted you to have a rush of adrenaline and a chance to discover untamed riches.

As you advance in the game, your senses will be captivated by the most magnificent wildlife. According to the title, the 🦬 stunning buffalo is in the game's foreground, a symbol of the wilderness' primordial power and authority. Whenever the buffalo appears on the reels as a wild symbol, its meaning doubles, thus increasing your potential winnings by twofold.

Although the crypto slot extends far beyond the individual symbols, the landscape embodies the wild expanse that has inspired explorers for centuries. The vast, unexplored lands are full of mysteries, and this BTC-operated machine reflects this and provides endless chances to win. It is striking how many surprises the wilderness holds in this symphony of nature and chance events!

Special Features

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways ignites the thrill of nature with its unique features that Wild.io experts identified in its complexity:

Bonus Game:

🎁When you activate the feature, you will have x2 odds of winning and the option to purchase bonus spins or increase your odds by placing a slightly higher wager in the main game.

Buy Chance:

BGaming offers you a chance to win wild prizes and makes sure you take advantage of this option fully.

Buy Bonus:

💰Take advantage of this opportunity and receive free spins with random multipliers.

Scatter Symbol:

🪄When three or more symbols appear, it will activate the free spins round, which offers varying spins and multipliers. It's an exciting feature to experience.

Free Spins:

🔄Quite impressive, we must admit. Having free spins with random multipliers capable of reactivating up to x6000 of your initial bet is pretty cool, as it gives you the option to experience the excitement of quick payouts.

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways Compared to Other BGaming Slots

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways

Dice Million






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Max Wager




Bet Multiplier





Hit Rate




Frequently Asked Questions

1. What cool features can you find in Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways?

There are a number of impressive features to Savage Buffalo spirit Megaways, including: Free Spins, Scatter Symbol, Buy Chance, and Buy Game. These are all designed to maximize your chances of exponential gain.

2. What is the RTP for Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways?

With an RTP of 96.84%, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways will return 96.48 units for every 100 units bet.

3. What is the maximum win for Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways?

In BGaming's newly christened Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways, you can win as much as €210,000, which sounds insanely awesome, right?


  • majestic concept
  • unparalleled earnings
  • stunning graphics


  • theme has been used in other BGaming slots

To sum it up

Even though the initial concept is not unique, you have seen how the reel maestro has elevated things to a whole new level! Don't be afraid of this new version bursting with wildness and mastery because this mobile-friendly game promises to delight you!

This review has proven that BGaming has exceeded expectations by offering top-notch graphics, an impressive return to player rate, and a rich bonus package. Upon witnessing this stunning game, we are curious about what other games this skilled designer has in their repertoire for our online crypto casino.

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