Are you ready for an exhilarating summer adventure filled with thrilling competitions and breathtaking prizes?

Look no further than the Seaside Days Tournament, brought to you by Evoplay!

Get ready to dive into an unforgettable gaming experience that will have you basking in the sun and competing for a share of the massive €30,000 prize pool. This is your chance to turn up the heat and showcase your skills at our online crypto casino. So, grab your sunscreen, gear up, and get ready for a gaming tournament like no other!

What is Endless Summer?

Well, Endless Summer is a network tournament organized by the online slots provider Evoplay. It comprises three engagement-boosting competitions that will take place over the next few months.

The contest has a prize pool of €120,000, spread out across the three campaigns. The tournament will incentivize slot enthusiasts to play their favorite Evoplay games and reach the leaderboard to earn impressive rewards.

Players can try out the provider's leading titles throughout the tournament, and it is available to all Evoplay's operator partners. Operators are expected to drive key engagement metrics through the Endless Summer network tournament and entice players with exciting cash prizes.

Tournament Overview

Are you wondering what the Seaside Days Tournament is all about? Here's everything you need to know:

Dates and Duration

The Seaside Days Tournament will occur from June 13th to June 22nd, 2023. That's ten adrenaline-pumping days filled with non-stop gaming action!

Prize Pool: Prepare to be amazed, as the Seaside Days Tournament boasts an impressive €30,000 prize pool. With such a substantial amount at stake, the competition will undoubtedly be fierce and the rewards, truly enticing.

Limited-Time Event: It's important to note that this thrilling tournament is available for a limited time only. So, don't miss out on your chance to participate in this exhilarating summer adventure.

How To Participate

Ready to make a splash in the gaming world this summer? This tournament, presented by Evoplay, invites you to jump into the action and immerse yourself in the thrilling realm of competitive gaming. With a promise of authentic gameplay, a minimum bet requirement that won't break the bank, and a chance to showcase your skills on a global stage, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.

To kick-start your journey, simply join the action at Embrace the endless summer vibes as you prepare for an adrenaline-filled gaming experience that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Get ready to take your gaming to the next level, as the event is available in real mode only. Leave behind the simulated experiences and immerse yourself in an authentic gaming atmosphere that will make every moment feel exhilarating and immersive.

The tournament is designed to be inclusive, ensuring that players of all budgets can participate. With a minimum bet requirement of only 0.20 EUR or equivalent in local currency, the championship opens its doors to gaming enthusiasts from around the world. So, regardless of your budget, you can dive right in and compete against fellow players for a chance to claim your slice of the €30,000 prize pool.

It's time to let your gaming prowess shine! As you participate in the Seaside Days Tournament, challenge yourself to reach new heights and climb the leaderboard. The more you play and win, the higher you'll ascend on the leaderboard, inching closer to the coveted top positions and securing your spot to share in the €30,000 prize pool.

Eligible Games

Time to unravel the participating games in this seaside summer extravaganza:

Penalty Shoot Out

Hot Triple Sevens

Patrick’s Magic Field

Elven Princesses

Fruit Super Nova

Ice Mania


Hot Volcano

Inner Fire

Hot Rio Nights

Mega Greatest Catch

Cycle of Luck

The torunament presents an enticing lineup of eligible games that cater to every gaming preference. Whether you prefer classic slots, magical adventures, or explosive experiences, these games offer a thrilling opportunity to showcase your skills and compete for incredible prizes.

Choose your favorites or try your hand at all the eligible games to maximize your chances of winning big in the Seaside Days journey. Get ready to dive into the action, experience the thrill of these exciting games, and seize your opportunity for gaming glory!

Prize Pool Distribution

This experience promises an unforgettable gaming experience and offers a staggering €30,000 prize pool that will leave you in awe. With such a substantial amount at stake, the competition is set to be fierce, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

Let's dive into how the impressive €30,000 prize pool will be distributed and fuel your motivation to compete for massive rewards:

1st place - €4000

2nd place - €3000

3rd place - €2500

4th place- €2200

5th place - €2000

6th place - €1800

7th place - €1200

8th place- €810

9th place - €500

10-19th place - €320

20-49th place - €125

50-99th place - €60

100-150th place - €40

In this tournament, reaching the top 150 ranks is not just a matter of pride but also a gateway to sharing in the €30,000 prize pool. As the competition intensifies, staying on top of your game and climbing the leaderboard becomes paramount. Each step closer to the higher ranks brings you closer to unlocking significant rewards and the opportunity to celebrate your gaming skills.

Terms and Conditions

Experience thrilling competitions with Evoplay Network and the chance to win real money prizes. The Terms and Conditions are available on the Evoplay website and include the following:

Fine Print

Each tournament has a prize pool, and the top players on the leaderboard will share it. 

The minimum bet required to participate in the games varies depending on the tournament dates. 

Players accumulate leaderboard points through qualified spins and wins. 

In cases where scores are tied, the player who scored first will be ranked higher. 

The prize pool and the number of leaders participating determine the compensation system.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Seaside Days Tournament Take Place?

The Seaside Days Tournament is scheduled to run from June 13th to June 22nd, 2023.

Can I Participate in the Seaside Days Tournament for Free?

The Seaside Days Tournament requires a real mode bet to participate. A minimum bet of 0.20 EUR or the equivalent in your local currency is required to join the tournament and compete for a share of the impressive €30,000 prize pool.

Can I Play Multiple Games To Improve My Chances of Winning?

Absolutely! You are encouraged to try your hand at all the eligible games in the Seaside Days Tournament. Playing multiple games enhances your gaming experience and increases your opportunities to score big wins and climb the leaderboard.

The championship awaits your arrival, offering an unparalleled opportunity to embrace the summer gaming vibes and compete for incredible rewards.

With a real-mode gaming experience, accessible minimum bet requirement, and a chance to showcase your skills on a global stage, this tournament is an invitation to an unforgettable adventure.

So, gear up, join the action, and let your gaming journey unfold in the Seaside Days Tournament, where endless summer thrills and breathtaking prizes await!

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