Explore your wild side with Beast Band slot, a one-of-a-kind game from BGaming that takes you on a thrilling journey alongside a pack of untamed animals touring as a rock band. BGaming's creation goes beyond its captivating music theme, offering an array of features that will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the stunning artwork that accompanies this game, immersing you in a world where the animal kingdom takes center stage. As you spin the reels, the exhilarating sound of rock music will fill your ears, further enhancing the immersive experience. But it's not just about the music; Beast Band slot offers an abundance of bonuses, including free spins and respins, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing performance of this animal rock band at your favorite online crypto casino, as they deliver a show like no other. With their exceptional talent, they aim to captivate the most discerning audience: our players! Get ready to rock and roll with Beast Band slot and indulge in the perfect fusion of music and thrilling gameplay.

Theme & symbols

Join the epic musical journey of the Beast Band, a group consisting of five remarkable animals. At the forefront of the Beast Band stands the lion, a true superstar commanding the stage with unmatched presence. Accompanying this regal leader are a group of funky and fierce band members, including the sly fox, the rebellious wild pig, the cunning wolf, and the legendary rock icon buffalo. Together, they form a powerhouse of talent that will keep you thoroughly entertained throughout your gameplay.

In this thrilling slot game, every player is granted VIP concert tickets, unlocking a world of exclusive benefits. The coveted VIP ticket takes center stage as a Scatter symbol, and the anticipation builds as landing three Scatters triggers an exhilarating Free Spins round.

As a VIP audience member, you'll be treated to an extra special souvenir - CDs featuring the band's sensational songs. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing melodies as you spin the reels and unlock the band's musical prowess.

Step into the world of the Beast Band, claim your VIP status, and experience the electrifying performances of these extraordinary animals. Get ready for a wild ride filled with music, and the chance to win big alongside this unforgettable group of rockers.

Special Features

Get ready for an extraordinary feature, the Disk Respin in Beast Band slot, exclusively involving the mesmerizing Disk symbols. The more Disks you collect during your gameplay, the greater your chances of securing an impressive win. These magnificent Disks, bestowed upon you by exceptional musicians, act as lucky talismans, significantly boosting your potential winnings. When you encounter 6 or more Disk symbols on the reels, it triggers the highly anticipated Bonus game, where only Disk symbols ranging from x1 to x20 of your bet are in play. As the feature progresses, the more Disks that grace the reels, the greater your potential for a substantial victory.

The initial Disk Respin offers an exciting experience of three respins, accompanied by the Collect symbol. During these respins, the values of all symbols on the screen are summed up, creating an atmosphere of anticipation. Each new symbol that lands on the reels during respins renews the feature, extending the thrill. Remarkably, all the Disks that appear on the reels will remain in place until the conclusion of the round, ensuring the maximum potential for rewarding outcomes.

This remarkable feature also holds the key to unlocking a Mega Jackpot.

Free Spins

Triggered by the appearance of 3 Scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5 in a single spin, the Free Spins round awards players with 8 free spins, with an exciting twist - the absence of low-paying symbols. Prepare for enhanced winning opportunities as you embark on this bonus journey. During the Free Spins round, if another set of 3 Scatters graces the reels, the feature is retriggered, allowing for a seemingly endless array of free spins. The number of retriggers is unlimited, meaning the potential for extended gameplay and increased chances of hitting those winning combinations is truly remarkable.

Adding to the excitement, the Wild symbol plays a vital role in your quest for big wins. This versatile symbol can substitute for all other symbols in a winning line, except for Scatters and Disk symbols. With Wild by your side, you'll have an even greater chance of forming winning combinations and securing substantial rewards.

Bonus Buy feature

Players also have the opportunity to unlock exciting free spins or the enticing Disk Respin feature by purchasing them at the indicated prices displayed on the buttons.

The Buy Bonus option allows players to access these features directly, granting them instant access to the thrills that await. It's worth noting that the Buy Bonus price will automatically adjust if a player decides to modify their bet. However, it's important to keep in mind that the feature becomes disabled if the Chance x2.5 feature is active.

During the main game, players have the option to purchase the Chance x2.5 feature, which slightly increases the bet but enhances the player's chances of triggering free spins or the Disk Respin feature. This added boost provides players with more opportunities to land the sought-after features and maximize their potential rewards. If the Buy Bonus feature is already active, the Chance x2.5 feature becomes disabled. This ensures that players can fully enjoy one feature at a time, avoiding any potential overlap.

Mega Jackpot

It is won when all the cells are filled with Disk symbols. The Jackpot is equal to x1000 of the bet.


Click the Auto spins settings (A) button to choose the number of rounds to auto play. Autoplay starts when you click the number of rounds, and the Autoplay button shows the amount of remaining spins.

You can choose additional settings for the Stop of auto spins:

  • on any win - auto spin will stop after you win
  • if the bonus game is won - auto spin will stop when the bonus game is won (applies to Free Spins only)
  • if a single win exceeds - auto spin will stop when a single win is above the written sum in the field
  • if cash balance increases by - auto spin will stop when the current balance is above the sum written in this field
  • if cash balance decreases by - auto spin will stop when the current balance is below the sum written in this field

To stop the spins, click the Stop Autospin button.

How to play Beast Band

Beast Band features win lines. In order to play Beast Band, choose the bet size using the buttons in the Total bet field. Higher bets will increase a total win. The bet value chosen is displayed in the corresponding field. To start the reels spinning, click the Spin button.

Bonuses and Special Rounds

Well, curious about Welcome Bonus and Casino Bonuses? Many casinos, including Wild.io offer attractive bonuses for playing slot games enhancing the initial gaming experience. What about the bonus rounds? Enjoy special in-game events that provide you with additional opportunities to win at our online crypto casino.

Free Demo Before Real Money Play

Players can get a feel for the game with a Beast Band free demo before betting real money. Try the demo at our casino.

Key Takeaways of Beast Band Slot Game

  • Music Theme and Exciting Gameplay: The game seamlessly combines the thrill of slot play with the vibrant energy of a live music performance.
  • Stage and Visual Details: The design of the game mimics a concert stage, complete with detailed graphics and thematic symbols.
  • Fun and Excitement: At its core, Beast Band is designed to provide a fun and exhilarating gaming experience.
  • Available in Many Online Casinos: This slot game is widely accessible in various online casinos.
  • Appealing to a Wide Range of Players: Whether you're a seasoned slot player or a music fan, this game has something to offer.


In the wild and captivating world of the Beast Band slot, BGaming has created a game that harmonizes the realms of music and untamed adventure. With its unique theme, mesmerizing artwork, and an array of exciting features, this slot is set to rock your gaming experience to new heights.

Get ready to unleash your inner beast as you join the extraordinary animal rock band on their exhilarating tour. Whether you're triggering the thrilling Free Spins round, collecting Disk symbols for a chance at the Mega Jackpot, or embracing the power of the Wild symbol, each spin brings the promise of excitement and potential riches. With an RTP of 96.83% and medium-high volatility, Beast Band slot offers the perfect balance of risk and reward, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout your gameplay journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Beast Band slot?

The RTP for the Beast Band slot is 96.83%. This indicates that, on average, players can expect a long-term theoretical return of 96.83% of their total bets.

What is the volatility level of the Beast Band slot?

Beast Band slot has a medium-high volatility level. This means that wins may occur less frequently, but when they do, they tend to be of a higher value. Players should be prepared for both exciting winning streaks and potentially longer periods without significant payouts.

Is there a chance to win the Mega Jackpot in the Beast Band slot?

Yes, the Disk Respin feature in the Beast Band slot provides an opportunity to win the Mega Jackpot. By collecting Disk symbols, players can trigger this feature, with the ultimate goal of achieving the Mega Jackpot, which is equal to x1000 of the bet.

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