Wild.io, your favorite online crypto casino, is thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership with Relax Gaming, an award-winning, B2B multi-product provider known for its innovation in the gaming industry. Recognized for driving differentiation through their robust aggregation offering and the delivery of unparalleled unique content at an astonishing speed-to-market, Relax Gaming is set to take the gaming experience at Wild.io to new heights. This collaboration promises an array of exciting opportunities and an enhanced gaming adventure for players worldwide.

About Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming, as a prominent game provider, has meticulously crafted its strategy based on technical excellence and a profound commitment to streamlining business operations.  At the heart of their success lies a diverse portfolio of proprietary products, encompassing an impressive array of options such as Poker, Bingo, and an ever-expanding Casino selection. This comprehensive range of offerings caters to the varied tastes of players, ensuring an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

One of the key strengths that Relax Gaming brings to the table is their remarkable speed-to-market capability. Their agile and efficient approach allows them to swiftly release new content, ensuring that players are consistently treated to fresh and innovative games. As a full-service provider, Relax Gaming offers end-to-end solutions that cater to the demands of both players and operators. This comprehensive approach simplifies the gaming experience for all involved, fostering long-lasting and fruitful partnerships.

Furthermore, Relax Gaming has been a driving force behind market growth, thanks to their cutting-edge products and services. By constantly challenging the status quo, they have effectively shaped the industry landscape and contributed significantly to its expansion.Their commitment to technical excellence ensures that their products are not only entertaining but also reliable and secure. Players can enjoy a seamless and worry-free gaming environment, knowing that the highest standards of quality and performance are upheld.

Overall, with a fusion of technical brilliance, creative ingenuity, and a commitment to streamlining the gaming experience, Relax Gaming continues to thrive as a trailblazer in the industry, delivering unparalleled value to players and operators alike.

What to play

Let's explore together some of Relax Gaming's most promising titles:

Banana Town

Enter the realm of colossal primates and cunning mobsters!  One thing's for sure – this monkey isn't to be trifled with!

Welcome to the Banana Town slot, a place where the monkey mafia runs the show. Get ready for a wild ride filled with chain-reaction wins that'll leave you dizzy with excitement. Keep your eyes peeled for multiplier upgrades that'll double your fortune in no time. The gameplay is smooth and relaxed, with a delightful blend of re-spins, random features, and dollar signs lighting up the scene!

So, holster your gun, as we embark on a thrilling journey to Banana Town. Keep an eye on the alternative RTP, set at 94.00%, ensuring you're in for a rewarding escapade in this mesmerizing world of mischievous monkeys and mobster shenanigans!

Money Train

Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other as Relax Gaming introduces its captivating Wild West themed video slot - Money Train. This 5x4 high-volatility slot boasts 40 fixed pay lines, offering you plenty of opportunities to strike it big.

Step into the world of the Wild West gang, led by a notorious lineup of characters, including a debt collector, TNT expert, and gunslinger. Together, they're on a thrilling quest to reach the legendary Money Train, where you have the chance to win up to an incredible 20,000 times your bet!

So, grab your ticket and jump aboard the train; the journey of a lifetime is about to unfold before your eyes!

Temple Tumble

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the mysterious Cambodian jungle, where the thrill of adventure awaits at every turn. Prepare to witness blocks breaking, the ground shuddering, and hidden wins ready to be revealed. This epic adventure promises an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other.

Venture into the depths of this 6x6 video slot, offering an impressive 46,656 ways to win. With such vast opportunities for exciting rewards, it's the perfect choice for players who relish being in control of their destiny. The excitement reaches its peak when you enter the realm of free spins, as you get to choose from three hidden underground worlds. Each world unlocks a world of entertainment beyond imagination, but be warned—it's a thrill that most can barely handle!

Wild Chapo 2

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure as the notorious Wild Chapo finds himself imprisoned behind bars. Show your unwavering loyalty and claim your share of his hidden gold in this action-packed game. Your mission is to break Wild Chapo out of his confinements in a daring 6x3 prison break. Explore 25 pay lines and encounter thrilling features, including Wild Re-spins, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, and Multipliers, all designed to boost your chances of a massive win. Brace yourself for an explosive ride, especially during the Final Spin feature, where the excitement reaches its peak.

Hop onto Wild Chapo's steed and head for the county jail, where your unwavering loyalty could unlock incredible rewards, with the chance to win up to an astounding 20,000 times your stake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Relax Gaming apart from other game providers?

Relax Gaming stands out due to its strong emphasis on technical excellence and simplicity in business operations. Their dedication to challenging the status quo has made them a leader in the sector, offering creative solutions and fostering hassle-free relationships with their partners.

What types of games does Relax Gaming offer?

Relax Gaming offers a diverse portfolio of proprietary games, catering to various player preferences. Their selection includes Poker, Bingo, and an ever-expanding range of thrilling Casino games, promising an engaging gaming experience for all players.

What can players expect from Relax Gaming's games?

Players can look forward to exciting gameplay experiences with Relax Gaming's products. From Wild Re-spins and Free Spins to Expanding Wilds and Multipliers, the games are designed to keep players entertained and engaged throughout their gaming sessions.

Relax Gaming has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the gaming industry with its commitment to technical excellence, innovative approach, and a diverse range of captivating products. Players can expect nothing short of exhilarating experiences with Relax Gaming's games, whether it's embarking on a thrilling Wild West adventure, breaking into Money Train safes, or venturing into the depths of the Cambodian jungle. The high volatility, exciting features, and potential for massive wins make their games a favorite among players seeking entertainment and big rewards.

With a player-centric focus and a passion for pushing boundaries, Relax Gaming continues to elevate the gaming experience for players worldwide. As they forge ahead with their journey into the future, players can look forward to even more innovative, engaging, and rewarding gaming adventures from this exceptional game provider, here at Wild.io.

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