There’s a lot of commotion in the jungle today. All animals, from the tiny mouse to the mighty elephant, are helping organize this weekend’s showstopping event: the Level Up Tournament!

Jack Wolfe decided it was time to expand his royal entourage and is throwing a weekend competition to reward players with 3 VIP upgrades and 2000 Free Spins!

Everybody wants in on the action and the chance to get the VIP treatment, so warm up, clear up your calendar, and show us your skills!

Tournament rules

The Level Up Tournament will run from February 10th to February 13th. During this time, players must deposit and wager real funds in order to participate in the race. Based on their win multiplier, they will climb the leaderboard and claim one of the first twelve spots that come with epic prizes.

To participate, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Opt-in for the Level Up Tournament.
  2. Make a bonus-free deposit.
  3. Play & climb the leaderboard based on your win multiplier.
  4. Win, win, win! 🎉

Tournament prizes

As in any competition, only the bravest and the most dedicated reach the top. The prizes Jack Wolfe prepared for you are worth your blood, sweat, and tears ( just joking, or are we?):

1st place: VIP Upgrade (3 levels up)

2nd place: VIP Upgrade (2 levels up)

3rd place: VIP Upgrade (1 level up)

4th place: 500 Free Spins

5th place: 400 Free Spins

6th place: 300 Free Spins

7th place: 250 Free Spins

8th place: 200 Free Spins

9th place: 150 Free Spins

10th place: 100 Free Spins

11th place: 50 Free Spins

12th place: 50 Free Spins

Ready, Steady, Go!

Nothing is sweeter than a hard-earned victory! Compete this weekend in the Level Up Tournament and get the chance to become a VIP member of our online crypto casino. Many perks await: exclusive access to games, bonus plan customizations, a dedicated VIP host that will cater to all your needs 24/7, surprise mystery boxes, and plenty of rewards at every corner.

Even if you don’t reach the much-coveted VIP status, you could win countless Free Spins to make your casino experience even better.

Let the games begin!

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