Let's start this post by admitting that the best thing about playing online crypto slots, besides winning, is getting a bonus round. With regular online slots, you need to have quite some patience to see if such a game-changing bonus will get triggered and increase your winning odds.

Thank the lucky stars that online crypto casinos such as Wild.io have another option up their sleeves for slot fans: bonus buy slots.

If you're unsure what a bonus buy slot is or how the bonus buy feature games work precisely, don't fret. We've compiled this little how-to guide for you to get you started with feature buy slots, so relax and read on!

What are bonus buy slots?

With bonus buy slots, players can buy unique game features. This bonus buy function, often known as feature buy, gives you a shortcut to extra wild symbols or free spins. You can buy any special features whenever you want by paying the price on the button. Moreover, the bonus buy option is initiated automatically if the price is lowered to zero.

To better understand the bonus buy slot, let's take a trip down memory lane to its origins. It was the year 2017 when Big Time Gaming trademarked the Feature Drop with the release of the White Rabbit slot game. The original feature they introduced allowed players to buy the bonus features without waiting to hit certain slot combinations.

The feature buy slot became such a craze in online casinos that more and more game providers integrated this option into their games to enhance the gaming experience.

How bonus buy slots work

Most games with bonus buy features work exactly like classic slots, video slots, or progressive jackpots. The key distinction is that to unlock the bonus features, you must pay a sum of money that is a multiple of the stake.

Some bonus buy slots allow players to purchase free spins, while others from providers like Nolimit City offer a menu of options.

Let's see how bonuses get triggered in regular slots versus bonus games:

Bonus triggering in regular slots

Regular slots require players to land three or more scatters anywhere on the reels to activate bonus rounds or free spins. The player cannot know or control if or when he gets such a bonus during the spin. Most slots do not have the bonus buy feature so buying bonuses is out of the question.

You should know that bonus games typically trigger every 50 to 150 rounds, depending on the volatility level. Using the bonus buys, you can avoid the inconvenience of having to wait to activate the bonus rounds manually.

Feature triggering in Bonus Buy games

When playing a bonus buy slot, you can easily skip the base game and go directly to the bonus game by purchasing the bonus feature.

There will be a distinct bonus buy button that, when clicked, will show the options. The base bet used to determine the price and any other add-ons are often arranged in this manner. Additional options include choosing alternative spin counts or initial multipliers, among others.

Press the start button to begin the bonus round once you are satisfied with the price and configuration. Whether the function was purchased or activated naturally, the rules that apply when it is in use are often the same. With bonus buy slots, however, players frequently gain specific statistical advantages.

Why crypto casino players love bonus buy games

By now, it should be pretty obvious why people love buy bonus slots, but if you're still not sure what all the hype is about, we'll spell it out for you:

Instant feature access

Players love that they can unlock the bonus feature instantly. Not everyone is a fan of delayed gratification, and if you can have something right now, why leave it for later? Of course, it depends on the game, circumstance, and available options.

If it's the first time hitting the slots, you might want to play a few regular spins slowly to explore everything it offers. It makes sense to activate the bonus buy option if the game is one you've played previously, the theme you're familiar with, or the slot resembles most of your favorites. You will spend a bit more than the minimum bet (some find bonus buy an expensive feature), but you'll get those excellent features immediately.

Increased chances of winning

The best thing about bonus buy is that it increases a player's chances to win. Everybody knows that the biggest wins on most slots are hidden in the bonus rounds. With bonus buy, you don't have to sit and wait for fate to throw you a lucky hand so you can play a feature. You take the reigns of your own destiny and start playing with added symbols directly.

During the bonus feature, you can enjoy additional symbols and modifiers such as expanding wilds, stacking wilds, and win multipliers, which significantly improve your wins on every spin.

However, you should never forget to play responsibly, especially when you bet on volatile slots. While it is undoubtedly true that bonus buy slots amount to big wins, they can also lead to significant losses for vulnerable players. Caution and moderation are of the essence.

Increased RTP

Many slots offer the player a higher RTP ( payout percentage or return to player percentage) via bonus features.

Bonus buy slots come with two different types of RTPs: the lower RTP is for the standard/base game, while the higher RTP represents the additional percentage when the bonus buy function is enabled. Most of the time, the RTP increases slightly when a bonus buy is involved.

Who should play a bonus game with a bonus buy feature?

Everyone can play this type of slot, but some considerations should be taken into account. If you prefer to jump into a game with all the special features activated from the start and enjoy free spins and other bonuses immediately, you can give it a try. You should also ensure you have enough crypto to spend, as buy bonus games require players to spend even more money than typical slots.

Providers like Pragmatic Play, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, Nolimit City, and Relax Gaming all offer feature buy slots that you can try out in online casinos.

If you decide to purchase the bonus feature, make sure you understand the cost and the inherent risks.

Bonus types explained

So far, we have learned what feature buy slots are, how to play, and what you get out of them, but we have yet to discuss the extra features you could get when playing these games. So, let's take a look at the special features that make bonus buy slots a casino player's favorite game:

Wild symbols

Wild symbols can help you win. They can replace most symbols except for unique ones, like Wild or Scatter. With their help, you can get a payline and claim the jackpot.

Expanding symbols

Some symbols have the capacity to gather icons close by (mainly two). In this way, a single expanding sign can be used to merge three identical symbols. Sometimes, two such combinations merge into a bigger, more powerful one. Another interesting fact about the expanding symbol is that it doesn't have to be part of a winning line for the icons next to it to use it.

Bonus and scatter symbols

Bonus and Scatter symbols activate freebies. The first type of symbols starts new games, but you need a combination of them to get free spins. Scatter symbols, however, can activate all sorts of extra functions. You need a combo to use the free spins, gamble rounds, and other features. Scatter symbols can also multiply the overall win or payout.

Free Spins

Most feature buy slots come with free spins. This one's a no-brainer, really. You get several extra spins, usually ten, but it can be even more. During the free spins, it's possible to strike other symbols and increase your chances to win big.

Gamble bonus round

The Gamble Round function is a fan favorite since it awards you one or more extra rounds based on your luck.

This feature may activate when you win and give you the option to accept the gift as-is or try your luck. If you choose the latter, you will wager a portion of your prize or the entire amount each round in the hopes of successfully doubling it.

Hope you found our guide useful and that you're ready to explore online slots with bonus features in a crypto casino such as Wild.io. You can also learn how to play crypto casino table games and crypto slots in our dedicated articles.

Let the adventure begin!

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