Hold on tight and get ready for the wildest adventure of the summer at our online crypto casino! It's time to dive headfirst into the heart-pounding Betsoft Take the Prize promotion. From June 22nd to July 2nd, prepare to be swept away on a tidal wave of excitement and crazy riches. With a mind-boggling €100,000 prize pool up for grabs, this is the ultimate crypto gambling extravaganza you don't want to miss!

Picture this: every day brings a whirlwind of opportunities to amass your fortune. We're talking ten daily Cash Drops and ten thrilling tournaments, all across over fifty mini-games and slots. It's a virtual playground where your dreams of winning big can become a reality. With a Cash Drops prize pool of €40,000, you could be one of the lucky winners to snatch your share of the daily €4,000 in cash prizes. Will you be the one to claim the coveted €500 prize or maybe score a sweet €200 or €100 win? The possibilities are endless!

The tournaments take the excitement to a whole new level. With a staggering €60,000 prize pool, the competition is fierce. Can you rise to the top and secure your spot among the first 50 players? The rewards await those who dare, from a jaw-dropping €3,000 for the first-place champion to €10 for the 21st to 50th place finishers. It's a nail-biting race where every spin counts, and the adrenaline rush is palpable. Get ready to unleash your inner high roller and embark on an unforgettable journey to claim those crazy riches. The Betsoft Take the Prize promotion at the Wild.io crypto casino is here to turn your gaming dreams into a thrilling reality!

Cash Drops: Daily Chances to Win Your Share of €40,000

When it comes to winning big, Cash Drops are where the real excitement lies in the Betsoft Take the Prize promotion at Wild.io. So, what exactly are Cash Drops? Think of them as surprise treasures that can land in your lap at any moment during the promotion period. These thrilling events contribute to the overall prize pool of €40,000, ensuring that there's always a chance to strike gold.

Each day, a total of 120 cash prizes are up for grabs, ranging from a dazzling €500 to a cool €10:

1 x €500

3 x €200

6 x €100

20 x € 50

40 x €20

50 x €10

What makes Cash Drops truly thrilling is their variety and frequency. With daily drops happening throughout the Betsoft Take the Prize promotion, you'll never be far from an adrenaline rush. Imagine the excitement of playing your favorite games, only to suddenly be showered with unexpected cash rewards. It could be the turning point that transforms your gaming session into a legendary adventure.

So, buckle up and get ready to seize the day, because with Cash Drops, anything is possible. Keep your eyes on the prize, stay vigilant, and embrace the unexpected. The more you play, the higher your chances of landing one of these electrifying cash surprises. Don't miss out on these ample opportunities to win big and make your mark in the Betsoft Take the Prize promotion at Wild.io. The Cash Drops are waiting—are you ready to claim your share of the €40,000 prize pool?

Tournaments: Compete for €60,000 and Claim Victory

With a jaw-dropping prize pool of €60,000 up for grabs, the tournament stakes are high and victory is within your reach.

Let's delve into the tournament structure that will have you on the edge of your seat. Each day, players will compete head-to-head in a fierce battle for gaming supremacy. The top 50 players who showcase their gaming prowess will be rewarded for their skills, making every spin count. It's a race against time and fellow players to claim your spot among the champions!

Now, let's talk about the thrilling rewards that await the victorious players. The daily rewards are distributed among the top 50 players, with prizes ranging from a breathtaking €3,000 for the first-place winner to a solid €10 for the 21st to 50th place finishers. That's right, even the lower ranks have a chance to secure a reward! Whether you're aiming for the top or aiming to be among the lucky few, the excitement of the competition will keep you on your toes.

1st place - €3000

2nd place - €1000

3rd place - €500

4th & 5th place - €200

6-10th place - €100

11-20th place - €30

21-50th place - €10

To qualify for these epic tournaments, be sure to check out the qualifying games listed in the promotion's Terms & Conditions. With over 50 exciting games to choose from, you'll find the perfect battleground to showcase your skills. Remember, the minimum bet requirement is €0.2, ensuring that players of all budgets have an equal chance to participate and triumph.

When it comes to determining the winners, the win criteria revolve around the highest single spin to bet ratio. It's all about maximizing your potential and achieving those electrifying wins. The scoring system rewards players whose win relative to their bet for a single round is greater than their opponents. So, unleash your strategic prowess, make every spin count, and climb the ranks with each thrilling victory.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Betsoft Take the Prize promotion take place?

The promotion runs from June 22nd to July 2nd, giving you ten action-packed days to participate and win.

Which games are eligible for the tournaments?

The promotion's Terms & Conditions specify the list of qualifying games for the tournaments. Make sure to review the list on Wild.io's website to choose your preferred games.

What is the minimum bet requirement for the tournaments?

To be eligible for the tournaments, the minimum bet requirement is €0.2. Make sure to place bets that meet or exceed this amount to participate.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with the Betsoft Take the Prize promotion at the Wild.io Bitcoin casino! With a mind-blowing €100,000 prize pool, this is your chance to turn your online crypto gambling dreams into a reality.

Throughout the promotion period, you'll be treated to daily Cash Drops and thrilling tournaments, with over 50 captivating games to choose from. From surprise cash treasures to fierce competitions, the opportunities to win big are endless.

So, gear up, spin those reels, and make every bet count as you compete for your share of the €100,000 prize pool. Whether you're aiming for the top spot in the tournaments or crossing your fingers for a lucky Cash Drop, the excitement and adrenaline will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don't let this chance slip through your fingers! Head over to Wild.io, dive into the action, and claim those crazy riches that await you.

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