Valentine's Day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate love in all its forms. Gamzix gives you plenty of reasons to show your passion for tournaments with a brand new promotion that rallies a sweet-like-heart-shaped-candy prize pool.

Money Cupid is a feast for all online crypto casino players! It starts on the 17th of February and lasts until the 26th of the month, giving casino lovebirds plenty of time to show Cupid they are worthy of his bow and arrow, but mostly his first place prize: €2,000.

The God of Love and desire has prepared for you an irresistible prize pool, €25,000, that will be divided amongst the first 100 players.

Get ready to take a shot at Cupid's riches!

What you need to do

Unlike love, the rules of this tournament are not that complicated. You must place bets of a minimum of €0.2 to qualify for the tournament. Each €1 bet brings you 10 points on the leaderboard. Your total score will be computed by summing all the points earned during the qualification and post-qualification rounds on tournament games.

To ensure you're on Cupid's love list, gather as many points as possible by the end of the tournament. Only the first 100 players get to take home some of the God's fortunes.

When to play

Cupid grants you a whole week to dazzle him with your spinning skills, from bright and early on February 17th, 9:00 UTC, until February 26th, 15:00 UTC. There's plenty of time to show everyone what you are made of and lock in one of the prizes.

Participating games

The tournament includes 18 thrilling games you can play, so you'll stay energized on your journey to first place. Play any of these games, and Cupid will reward your efforts:

Prize pool rewards

Cupid knows you can't put a price on love and that your love "don't" cost a thing, but nonetheless, he prepared some splendid rewards for those of you brave enough to embark on such a fierce competition:

1st place – €2,000

2nd place - €1,200

3rd place – €800

4th-10th places – €700

11th - 30th place - €400

31st - 50th place - €250

51st - 60th place - €150

61st - 80th place - €50

81st - 100th place - €30

The time for whispering sweet nothings is over! Now it’s the moment for action and spinning.

May you conquer the leaderboard just like love conquers all!

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