Are you ready to embark on a thrilling cosmic adventure like no other? Brace yourself, because the online crypto casino,, is launching an extraordinary event that promises to take your gaming experience to new heights. Step into the universe of excitement, competition, and cosmic rewards with the Spinomenal tournament aptly named "Into the Universe." This captivating event is set to captivate players every Thursday until September 27th, offering a gaming journey that's truly out of this world.

Imagine a gaming tournament that's not only filled with thrilling gameplay but also introduces you to fresh challenges and exhilarating adventures each week. That's precisely what "Into the Universe" at brings to the table. This tournament isn't your typical run-of-the-mill event; it's a constantly evolving cosmic playground that promises surprises, innovation, and a galaxy of entertainment.

Unlike static tournaments, "Into the Universe" sets itself apart by delivering a dynamic experience. With every passing week, a new name graces the tournament, signaling the arrival of brand-new games that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's like exploring a new dimension of fun with every tournament, making sure that monotony is a distant memory.

Unveiling the Prizes

As the universe of excitement unfolds at's "Into the Universe" tournament, there's one cosmic truth that shines brighter than the stars: the enticing €15,000 weekly prize pool that awaits eager players. Get ready to be dazzled by the prospects of taking home your slice of this stellar bounty as you dive into the world of Spinomenal gaming.

Picture this: with every spin of the reels, you're not just chasing wins; you're accumulating points that could propel you to the top of the leaderboard. The brilliance of the "Into the Universe" tournament lies in its innovative points system, which isn't just based on the amounts you win, but on the ratio of your win amount to your wagered amount. It's a cosmic equation that rewards strategy, luck, and the thrill of the game.

For instance, imagine you wagered 1 EUR and luck is on your side, leading you to win 10 EUR. In this scenario, you're not just pocketing your win; you're also earning 1,000 points (10 / 1 x 100). This unique approach levels the playing field, making sure that both high rollers and casual players can compete on equal footing for the cosmic rewards.

Climbing the Cosmic Ranks

But the journey doesn't end with mere points. Every point you earn brings you closer to the coveted summit of the tournament leaderboard. As you accumulate points, your rank on the leaderboard ascends, and you find yourself rubbing shoulders with other cosmic explorers who are just as determined to claim their share of the rewards.

The leaderboard isn't just a list; it's a symbol of your progress, determination, and skill. It's a testament to your cosmic gaming prowess, and as you rise through the ranks, the allure of the top prizes becomes even more tantalizing.

But wait, there's an intriguing twist that adds an extra layer of excitement to the journey. As you play your way through each round of the tournament, a portion (10%) of your score is collected as credit points. These credit points might seem like minor fragments of the whole, but they hold immense value. Why? Because when the final round approaches, these credit points are added to your score, giving you an extra boost towards the grand finale.

It's a strategic gamble – do you use these credit points early on to secure a lead, or do you save them for the climax of the tournament? The choice is yours, and it's this element of strategy that makes "Into the Universe" a cosmic adventure like no other.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the mechanics, prizes, and rules of this sensational tournament. Get ready to explore the universe of possibilities at and experience gaming like never before. Buckle up, cosmic adventurers, because the journey has just begun, and the wins are calling.

Joining the "Into the Universe" Tournament

Buckle up, for a journey that promises to take you to the farthest reaches of excitement and rewards. As you prepare to step into the thrilling universe of Spinomenal's "Into the Universe" tournament at, it's time to learn how to navigate this cosmic playground and embark on an unforgettable gaming odyssey.

First things first – to be a part of this escapade, you must be ready for real-money play. "Into the Universe" is an exclusive event tailored for those who are willing to put their stakes on the line and chase after awesome prizes. As the reels spin and the games unfold, the thrill of real-money play amplifies the excitement, making each spin a potential step towards the stars.

To embark on this journey, all you need is a minimum qualifying bet per spin of 0.2 EUR. This modest entry point ensures that players of all budgets can join the adventure, making sure that the cosmic playground is accessible to everyone. Whether you're a high roller or someone who prefers more conservative wagers, the minimum qualifying bet ensures equal opportunities for all to aim for the stars.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of the "Into the Universe" tournament is the ever-evolving list of participating games. As the weeks unfold, so does the lineup of games that you'll have the chance to explore. Imagine the excitement of discovering new gaming realms every week – each tournament introduces a fresh batch of games, ensuring that boredom is a distant memory.

Prizes and Ranks

The universe of Spinomenal's "Into the Universe" tournament at is a realm where every spin can lead to cosmic riches beyond your wildest dreams. As you explore the galaxies of gameplay and accumulate points, the allure of the top positions on the leaderboard becomes increasingly tantalizing. Let's unveil the treasures that await the top 200 players and shed light on the escalating distribution of prizes that ignites competition and fuels ambition.

Imagine being part of an exclusive club, where your skills and luck are rewarded with not only satisfaction but also tangible prizes. The top 200 players who navigate the games of "Into the Universe" will find themselves in the spotlight of superb rewards. These intrepid explorers will be the ones who've strategized, spun, and accumulated points to secure their positions on the leaderboard.

As the adventure unfolds, the rewards for reaching the top positions are nothing short of spectacular. Let's take a closer look at the stellar breakdown of prizes that await the champions:

1st place - €2,000

2nd place - €1,250

3rd place - €1,000

4th place - €750

5th place - €600

6th place - €500

7th place - €400

8th place - €300

9th place - €250

10th place - €200

11-20th place - €100

21-30th place - €90

31-40th place - €70

41- 60th place - €60

61-70th place - €50

71-80th place - €40

81-100th place - €35

101-120th place - €30

121-150th place - €25

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the tournament run?

The "Into the Universe" tournament takes place every Thursday until September 27th. Each week, a new tournament with different games and challenges is launched, ensuring a constantly evolving and engaging experience.

How are points calculated in the tournament?

Points are calculated based on the ratio of your win amount to your wagered amount, multiplied by 100. For example, if you wagered 1 EUR and won 10 EUR, you'd earn 1,000 points (10 / 1 x 100).

What are credit points, and how do they work?

Credit points are a unique feature of the tournament. 10% of the score you gain in each round is collected as credit points and added to your score in the final round. This provides an exciting strategic element to the gameplay, allowing you to plan your credit point usage for maximum impact.

As we draw the curtains on our exploration of the "Into the Universe" tournament at, it's clear that this isn't just a gaming event – it's an odyssey of excitement, competition, and boundless rewards. With its ever-changing games, innovative points system, and the allure of the €15,000 weekly prize pool, this tournament is a playground where your every spin can lead to extraordinary riches.

The rotating list of participating games ensures that your journey through the "Into the Universe" tournament is always vibrant and fresh. With new challenges and experiences awaiting you each week, there's never a dull moment.

"Into the Universe" at invites you to spin, wager, and accumulate points for the chance to claim your ultimate rewards. As the tournament continues to unfold every Thursday until September 27th, the universe of excitement and possibilities is waiting for you. Embrace the challenge, explore the galaxies of gameplay, and rise among the stars as a champion of the cosmic journey. The SPINOMENAL universe is yours to conquer!

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