Dear gaming buddies, we're excited to announce that, once again, our online crypto casino has been blessed with a groundbreaking slot game from Pragmatic Play. Known for developing some of the industry's most popular games, this developer has baptized its new release, "Forge of Olympus." However, there is more... because this newly-christened machine includes several captivating features that will give you a thrilling gameplay experience.

Pragmatic Play aimed to make its game more engaging by delving into the mythological world of Hephaestus, known for crafting weapons used by other gods and mortals alike. As mentioned above, he was a skilled blacksmith who handcrafted various items such as a winged helmet, Hermes sandals, and even armor for Achilles. In any case, amigo, if these words piqued your interest, let's explore the game further to follow in the footsteps of the ancient god, Hephaestus. Check out this slot game and discover a thrilling adventure, unlike anything you've ever had before!

Theme & symbols

Now, we enter the realm of the gods on Mount Olympus and witness the creation of legendary weapons from Greek mythology. The Olympian tales are brought to life thanks to this web wagerer. The game's stunning visual design and vibrant reels evoke Hephaestus's forge. The god himself is added to the immersive experience and overall visual aesthetics, observing the winning spectacle to the right of the reels.

As you delve into the depths of this exciting 6x5 mythological game, you'll notice that the slot boasts some impressive symbols such as shields, helmets, and golden rings with tumbling wins. However, these motifs will remove themselves from the playground when eight or more of them appear anywhere on the gameboard. Additionally, you can win additional prizes and get multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x on the reels, resulting in an impressive payout.

As symbols cascade down the reels, new treasures reveal themselves. The Multiplier symbols can significantly increase your winnings, potentially boosting them by up to 100 times on any spin.

Landing Scatters can activate up to 4 free spins, each with a guaranteed multiplier of 50x- 100x on every Multiplier symbol. Step up and unleash your inner warrior to achieve epic victories with these beautifully crafted and related to classical deities' lore and craftsmanship.

💵The lower-paying gems are:

  • orange/red
  • purple
  • blue
  • green
  • yellow

💷The higher-paying symbols include:

  • rings
  • chalices
  • helmets
  • shields

Featuring a theoretical payout percentage at the very top of the market, the Forge of Olympus offers balanced returns on bets. Its engaging gameplay, detailed design, and Greek antiquity theme give it an exciting edge over the competition.

Special Features

As for the special features, Forge of Olympus offers exciting bonuses that distinguish it from other slot machines. Are you ready to discover them?


First, the Scatter Pays mechanism requires players to land at least eight identical symbols anywhere on the reels to win, with more similar symbols leading to higher payouts. If you're lucky enough to get 12 or more matching symbols, you can win up to 10 times your initial bet.


Second, the Tumble mechanic is triggered by each winning combination, causing the symbols involved to disappear and be replaced with new ones, allowing for consecutive wins from a single spin.


Forge of Olympus also includes two special symbols that trigger bonus features. The Multiplier feature randomly offers players one of x2, x8, x15, x50, or even x100, all of which can be added together for even bigger wins.

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus round is triggered by landing 4, 5, or 6 Scatters showing Hephaistos and offers up to 20 free spins. Throughout our research, we discovered that players can advance through four levels and increase the average Multiplier.

Best Casinos to Play Forge of Olympus Slot with Real Money

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Forge of Olympus Free Spins and Bonus Offers

Embark on a breathtaking adventure through the Forge of Olympus slot machine, where the gods themselves have crafted a realm of mythical treasures and electrifying gameplay. As you venture into this divine sanctuary, immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Greek mythology, where symbols of immense power await to guide you to victory.

Once you've grasped the game's mechanics through the demo version, prepare to unleash your inner Olympian and embark on a gambling adventure fueled by exhilarating Forge of Olympus free spins. These free spins, bestowed upon you by the mighty gods, serve as a gateway to unlocking boundless winning potential and amassing unimaginable riches. With every spin, you inch closer to becoming the undisputed champion of this celestial realm, unlocking the secrets of the Forge and amassing treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Forge of Olympus Compared to Other Pragmatic Play Slots

Forge of Olympus

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Min Wager




Max Wager




Bet Multiplier








Winning Ways




To sum it up

Well, buddies, to wrap things up, Forge of Olympus by Pragmatic Play offers a jaw-dropping visual extravaganza, and its varying pay line options and enticing bonus features make it a game that caters to players' preferences. With high volatility and RTPS higher than those on the market, the aptly titled Forge of Olympus promises thrilling moments for both newcomers and seasoned players. This game is a must-try if you're passionate about Pragmatic Play's titles. So, embark on a divine gaming adventure and unleash your inner gamer with Forge of Olympus today.


  • easy to understand gameplay
  • adjustable pay lines
  • visual delights
  • lots of features


  • no limitations found

Frequently Asked Questions

What cool features can you find in Forge of Olympus?

With an array of intriguing bonus features, the dubbed Forge of Olympus promises to elevate the gameplay experience to celestial heights as it delves into the sphere of speculation.

Nevertheless, the two coolest features are:

  • Zeus' Lightning Wild
  • Whispers of Athena's Wisdom Free Spins

Shifting our focus to Zeus' Lightning Wilds, the game reveals an extraordinary feature: ordinary symbols will transform into wilds by the thunderbolts of Zeus himself.

Moreover, the Whispers of Athena's Wisdom Free Spins echo through the mythos, suggesting an intriguing prospect: a designated allotment of bonus spins accompanied by enigmatic enhancements that transcend the ordinary.

Does Forge of Olympus captivate with Awesome Visuals and Sounds?

As the sun rises from the horizon of wonder, Forge of Olympus' artistry is poised to create a symphony of visual splendor and auditory delight. The virtuosity of the game's software provider in crafting visual marvels suggests that players shall traverse an odyssey of high-definition graphics, where the mythic tapestry of old Greece shall unfold in breathtaking detail. And in harmonious consort, the soundscapes of Forge of Olympus shall serenade players' senses, enveloping them in an immersive aura that captures the spirit of ancient mythologies.

How many ways are there to win in Forge of Olympus?

With 20 winning lines available, you can customize your bets, making the journey more than just a game of chance. With this level of customization, you get to enjoy a unique and personalized online gambling experience that is not only engaging but also highly entertaining. The game offers an excellent opportunity to test your luck and skill while exploring the mythical world of Olympus via its 20 adjustable pay lines.

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